guided zander fishing in finland

Midnight Sun Fishing Adventures is the first guide company to offer zander (pikeperch) fishing in Lapland with modern techniques, gear and boat. We also have long zander fishing experience in the amazing archipelago waters around the Helsinki area.

Zander fishing in Finland

Midnight Sun Fishing Adventures is a professional zander fishing guide in Finland, with a modern fishing boat and gear

Finland offers a wide variety of zander fishing.  Here in Finland, we have hundreds of thousands of lakes and an archipelago with tens of thousands of islands. Large part of these areas are a habitat of zander nowadays. As a species, zander has benefited a lot from the warming climate, which means much more fishing opportunities for a it. Read more about our destinations and techniques for zander fishing below.

You can take a single zander fishing day with us, or a book a full several day trip. Read about the fishing packages here.

Zander fishing destinations

  • Small lakes and big rivers with big zanders (less numbers) & big lakes with big numbers (smaller average size). 
  • Fishing under the Midnight Sun
  • Unique Lapland nature, thousands of lakes
  • Wild, remote and peaceful spots available – perfect for adventures
  • Lots of other services for tourists available
  • Summer is the best season
  • Quite big numbers of zander. Average size is not big but there are chances for really big ones as well.
  • Fishing in the unique archipelago nature of the Baltic Sea, thousands of islands and bays
  • Perfect for big groups & companies
  • Lots of other services for tourists available
  • Only area in the world to fish zander in sea water
  • Late spring to mid autumn is the best season 

Guided zander fishing techniques

We offer a variety of zander fishing  techniques, something for all circumstances. The choice depends on your preferences, the season and the location.


The most common technique for zander fishing in Finland. Fun and great option for bigger groups. Usage of sonar technology is in a key role.


Also very popular option and sometimes the most effective way to catch zander. Usage of Live sonar technology increases the effectiveness vastly. 


Very intensive zander fishing technique, relying purely on Live sonar technology. We can find a zander on the sonar screen and cast directly to that fish, following its reactions. Sometimes gives big pikes as a bonus.


The traditional fishing method for zander in Finland, trolling is the most relaxed technique. It is effective especially when zanders rise to feed in the top water columns on summer evenings.