guided Pike fishing in finland

Midnight Sun Fishing Adventures is the first guide company to offer pike fishing in Lapland with modern techniques, gear and boat. We also have +20 years pike fishing experience in the amazing archipelago waters around the Helsinki area.

*This is the Pike fishing main page, separate pages on Pike fishing in Lapland here and Pike fishing in Helsinki area here.*

Pike fishing in Finland

Midnight Sun Fishing Adventures is your professional pike fishing guide in Finland, with a modern fishing boat and gear. The guide, Mika Laaksonen, is a passionate pike fisherman through and through. Mika has lots of +10kg / +110cm pikes under his belt and guided record pikes for 18 customers/friends so far. 

Finland is a dream destination for pike fishing. Whether you are a seasoned pike fisherman with lots of big pikes under your belt or you are an enthusiast eager to get your first big pike – you are in the right place. Here in Finland, we have hundreds of thousands of lakes, an archipelago with tens of thousands of islands, almost all of which is a habitat for pike. Incredible, right? Check Google Maps to see yourself. Furthermore, the pike populations are strong and the nature is unique. Read more about the top destinations for pike fishing below.

Pike fishing destinations

  • Some of the biggest pikes in Europe – spots with +120cm pikes in numbers
  • Fishing under the Midnight Sun
  • Unique Lapland nature, thousands of lakes
  • Wild, remote and peaceful spots available – perfect for adventures
  • Lots of other services for tourists available
  • Everything from big rivers to small lakes
  • Summer and early Autumn are the best seasons
  • Pike populations are dense – great for catching numbers, but also good chance for big ones
  • Fishing in the unique archipelago nature of the Baltic Sea, thousands of islands and bays
  • Perfect for big groups & companies
  • Lots of other services for tourists available
  • Only area in the world to fish pike in sea water
  • Spring and Autumn are the best seasons 

Guided pike fishing techniques

We offer a variety of pike fishing  techniques, something for all circumstances. It all depends on your preferences, the season and the location.


The most basic technique for pike fishing in Finland. Especially popular in the shallow areas of the archipelago. We use medium to heavy weight rubber baits, jerk baits, wobblers, spinnerbaits, etc.


Effective technique to find pikes in large areas, typically in deeper water. Common strategy in Lapland. Especially fun way to chase for big pikes with up to 1kg mega sized baits.


Fun strategy to catch pikes, especially in shallow waters, weed beds, etc. Most effective in the cold waters, when slow retrieve is the key to success. We currently have one fly fishing set for pike only.


In the most modern and technology driven fishing method for pike, we use Garmin LiveScope sonar to locate big pikes. We can then deliver the bait to the fish directly, and see its live reaction on the screen. Super exciting and sometimes nerve wrecking.


The down-size method, that sometimes is the key to catch pikes when no other technique works. Sensitive rods make the fights really fun. Often gives best numbers, and even big ones can take small jigs well (largest so far 12,6kg). As a bonus you can catch zanders and perch with jig.


Mostly used in winter time from the ice, but also possible from the boat. We are experienced in this method, having caught several +10kg pikes with bait fishing technique.

pike fishing packages

Guided fishing day

  • 7 hours on the water, including a meal break
  • 850€ / day (whole group, up to 3 guests)
  •  All necessary fishing gear and safety equipment included
  • Hot meal, coffee, dessert, and drinks included (ask us for options)
  • Waterproof, warm clothing when necessary.
  • Location and starting point will be agreed separately, based on your needs.

3-Day fishing adventure

  • Three 7 hour fishing days, including the same things as a single day.
  • Prices start from 2400€ (whole group, up to 3 guests)
  • Several locations, species and techniques can be included – tell us what you prefer.
  • We help you with planning your trip.
  • Accommodations and transportations can be arranged when necessary, depending on the location of trip. Ask us more.

Tailored fishing adventure

  • A fishing adventure tailored according to your tastes and needs. 
  • Several locations, species and techniques can be included – tell us what you prefer.
  • Accommodations and transportations can be arranged when necessary, depending on the location of trip. Ask us more.
  • We help you with planning your trip.

Guided pike records

Ott Pärtel
Antti Mertanen
Alexander Rauch
Šimon Kadlec
Czech Republic
Sakino Yamate
Antoni Kopaly
Meirav Minitzer
Felix Saranen
Santeri Uusitalo
Saku Uusitalo
Ari Nuora
Ilkka Salminen
Kari Laine
Ilkka Hämäläinen
Olli Nuutila
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