Lapland - The pike paradise

Welcome to a wild land where huge pikes rule waters under the midnight sun.

Pike fishing adventure of a lifetime

Maybe you are a seasoned pike fisherman with lots of big pikes under your belt and now want to experience pike fishing in a totally unique circumstances? Or you are an enthusiastic fisherman, eager to get your first big pike while having an unforgettable experience?
Pike fishing in Lapland is not just about breaking your records – it’s about experiencing pike fishing in the most beautiful and extraordinary circumstances in the whole world. It’s about fishing in the midnight, when the sun is shining above the lake, and makes you totally forget the concept of time. It’s about visiting the last wilderness of the Europe, about experiencing the nature so thoroughly, that you forget the society and your daily life completely.
However, if you indeed are looking to catch your record pike – Lapland is possibly the best place in Europe to do just that. For an unknown reason, pike grows extremely large in Lapland, despite of the short summer season and long dark winter. Lapland holds innumerable lakes and rivers where +120cm pikes swim in numbers. 

Possibly the best testimonial to the pike fisheries in Finnish Lapland is that the pike fishing reality TV series FLY VS JERK has been won there now two years in the row, with pikes of 13,88kg in 2019 and 11,95kg in 2020. However, the waters fished by teams CWC and Vision in the competition represent only the tip of the iceberg – with tens of thousands of lakes, Lapland probably holds hundreds of just as good or even better waters. As a professional pike fishing guide, my job is to take you there.

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Frequently asked questions about our pike fishing trips in Lapland

How big do the pikes grow in Lapland?

Several 15-16kg (+125cm) pikes have been caught in Lapland every year. 10kg or +110cm pikes are very common in lots of lakes and rivers.

How many pikes can we get per day?

The numbers can reach up to 100 in certain lakes, but 5-30 is the most common result. When fishing for big pikes, numbers are typically smaller.

What gear do we use?

For spinfishing we use both spinning reels and baitcasting reels, depending on the type of fishing. When targeting big pikes, we use 8-9 feet rods which can throw lures up to 200g or more. We have quality gear for you, but you can also bring your own if you want. For flyfishing 9-10 weight sets are a good choice. Unfortunately we don’t have flyfishing gear for customers just yet.

How do I get there?

You can take a flight to the airport of Rovaniemi, Kittilä, or Kuusamo. From there you can either rent a car or we can agree a pickup. Everything depends on what kind of adventure you want, type of fishing you and time of the year.

What is the best season?

The numbers can reach up to 100 in certain lakes, but 5-30 is the most common result. When fishing for big pikes, numbers are typically smaller.

Do we catch & release?

The numbers can reach up to 100 in certain lakes, but 5-30 is the most common result. When fishing for big pikes, numbers are typically smaller.

How big groups can we take?

Midnight Sun Fishing Adventures has one fishing boat at the moment, which can hold up to three customers and the guide. However, if you have a bigger group, please let us know and we will try to arrange boats and/or guides for the whole group. We have some excellent cooperation guides.

How do we accommodate guests?

There are several types of accommodation options available, ranging from traditional Finnish log cabins with saunas, to more luxurious hotels. The exact accommodation options vary depending on the fishing area. Read more here.


How do we fish?​

Fishing typically happens from a boat: VBoats FishPro 50, which is a fully equipped boat made for modern fishing. Spin fishing and fly fishing are popular options, but also trolling is possible and effective.

Where do we fish?​

We fish both rivers and lakes. Rivers are large and medium sized, often holding very good populations of big pikes, but lower numbers. Lakes vary in size and can hold both good numbers and sizes. We have lots of great waters, so it is possible to pick the spots according to conditions and which place has delivered the best results in the past days or weeks.

Guided pike records

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Antti Mertanen
Alexander Rauch
Šimon Kadlec
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Kari Laine
Ilkka Hämäläinen
Olli Nuutila
Ilkka Salminen
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