guided salmon fishing in finland

Midnight Sun Fishing Adventures offers guided salmon fishing trips in cooperation with the most experienced guides of Tornio River, the biggest free flowing salmon river in Europe.

Salmon fishing in Finland

Welcome to a salmon fishing adventure at Tornio river, Finland, one of the biggest salmon rivers in Europe.  Midnight Sun Fishing Adventures arranges guided salmon fishing with Naamisuvanto Salmon Fishing Resort – the most experienced and advanced salmon fishing guide company in Finland. With us, you can try several different salmon fishing techniques, like fly fishing, fly fishing from boat and traditional salmon fishing techniques like rowing.  We have several accommodation options for you close to the river.

Tornio River is well known for its big salmons – the river is big and so is the average size of the fish. Where else do you have an average size of 7kg or more? Furthermore, +20kg salmons are caught here every year! Tornio river is located in Lapland, on the border of Finland and Sweden. The arctic nature and culture, and the magical midnight sun all add to the uniqueness of the location, making so many salmon fishing enthusiast come back to this river again and again.

Salmon fishing season in Tornio River starts from June and ends at the end of August. The best fishing seasons are from June to mid July when the main run of big salmon enters the river and then in August when grilse run arrives, water cools down and pools are full of holding fish. However, you can get great results any time of the summer. You can also go pike, perch or zander fishing for a day or two in between your salmon frenzy.

Tornio River salmon fishing in a nutshell

  • Big river, big fish. Average size of salmon across the season is around 7kg.
  • +20kg salmons caught every year.
  • Fishing under the Midnight Sun possible
  • Unique Lapland nature and culture
  • Most experienced and varied local salmon fishing guide company
  • Several accommodation options available
  • Several techniques available, including fly fishing
  • Season 1.6. to 31.8.

Guided salmon fishing techniques

We offer a few different salmon fishing  techniques. The choice depends on your preferences and the season.


Fly fishing, for most fishermen, is the most wanted method to catch salmon.  We’ve got all the fly fishing gear for you, and can take you to the spots. You can cast from the shore or boat, depending on your choice. Because of the big average size of salmon, Tornio river is a great location to catch really big salmons on fly.


The most traditional salmon fishing technique in Tornio River and Finland, rowing continues to be super popular salmon fishing option. In this method, we use traditional Finnish river boats, rowed by the guide, to deliver the lures to the salmon. Rowing is a very effective technique, and something you won’t probably experience anywhere else in the world.