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Why is Lapland a special place to fish?

The magical midnight sun

In norhtern Finland, sun never sets from the end of May until end of July. In the midnight, sun reaches its lowest point just above the horizon, creating a midnight moment with magical lighting. The “white summer nights” awaken inexplicable feelings of peace, that can only be understood through first hand experience. This is when the fishing memories you will remember for a lifetime are born. 

World class fish populations

With sparse human populations and negligible fishing pressure on pike, perch and zander, these fish populations are doing extremely well. In fact, there might actually be more lakes and rivers to fish these species than there are fishermen. Lots of lakes exist where you can be the only person to fish during the entire year. Over 10kg/110cm pikes are very common, and so are +1kg/40cm perches. To catch them you need to be at the right place at the right time – we will help you out with that.

Unique Finnish culture

In Lapland the Finnish culture lives together with the culture of the indigenous Sami people. Enjoy the traditional Finnish sauna after a long fishing day, lodge in a picturesque log cabin, and eat traditional Lapland foods, such as sautéed reindeer.

Thousands of lakes & northern nature

With sparse population and innumerable waters to fish, Lapland is teeming with fishing opportunities. There are more good waters than a fisherman can visit in a lifetime.
Wilderness areas in Lapland are vast, with rolling fells in the horizons and forests teeming with reindeers and other northern animals.

the company

Midnight Sun Fishing Adventures offers world class fishing holidays in Lapland. We specialize in big pikes, but also offer wide variety of predator fishing including perch, zander, grayling, trout and salmon.
Lapland, with its thousands of lakes and rivers offers some world class fishing opportunities, but has lacked professional fishing guide services combining modern fishing boats and gear with modern fishing skills. Midnight Sun Fishing Adventures was founded in early 2020 by Mika Laaksonen, with the purpose to bring these services to enthusiastic fishermen from all around the world.
We want to make coming to Lapland easy for you. Anything you need from accommodations to local tips, we’ve got you covered. Our company operates all around Lapland, from the Rovaniemi area, to Muonio, Kittilä, Enontekiö, Inari, Kemijärvi and Kuusamo.

We provide a full service

  • Fishing guide with modern fishing boat and fishing gear
  • Accommodations (ask for different options)
  • Local tips
  • Finnish Sauna
  • Instructions for transportation (if you want pick up service, ask us for options)
  • Meals & breakfasts arrangeable for extra price

The man behind the boat wheel, and also founder of the company, is Mika Laaksonen. He is an experienced and thoroghly passionate Finnish fisherman, who has completely fallen in love with Lapland, its wild nature and amazing fisheries.

Despite his youg age, Mika has been fishing actively for more than 20 years. Most often you will find him fishing for pike, perch or zander with a spinnig rod, or fly fishing for trout or grayling. However, he also has experience in angling, trolling, ice fishing, etc. Mika’s record pike is 125cm / 12,6kg, and he has lots of +10kg pikes under his belt. So far he has guided record pikes for 11 friends or customers, biggest one of which weighed 12,0kg.

Entrepreneur & head guide


  • The fishing boat: 2020 model VBoats Fishpro 50 (5,06m)
  • Motors: Mercury 100hp main engine & Minnkota Ulterra electric motor
  • Electronics: Garmin Echomap chart plotters and sonars (including SideVü and LiveScope technologies)
  • Fishing gear: +20 different rods and reels for various fishing techniques and situations. +30kg of lures and other gear.