guided brown trout fishing in lapland

Midnight Sun Fishing Adventures offers guided brown trout fishing trips in Lapland, including fly fishing, spin fishing, and trolling options.

Brown Trout Fishing in Lapland

Welcome to the north, destination for the best brown trout fishing in Scandinavia. Here in Lapland, there are still natural, large-growing brown trout populations left, unlike in most parts of the Europe. We can guide you to these places, where we fish for brown trouts responsibly, with consideration for the natural fish populations.

Lake Koutus is a naturally beautiful lake in the middle of forest and high hills, with crystal clear water. Midnight Sun Fishing Adventures arranges guided brown trout fishing trips here, together with Naamisuvanto Salmon Fishing Resort The lake is protected and exclusive – you can only fish here with a fishing guide, and we release the trouts to protect the fishery. It was opened to fishing recently, after a longer protection period, so the trouts have had time to grow big.

Average size of brown trouts is good at Lake Koutus, with +60cm trouts caught frequently. At lake Koutus, you can fish from a small boat, belly boat, (fly fishing or trolling), or from the shore. Both methods have been effective. Fishing at lake Koutus is at its best on a quiet summer evening, when you can sometimes see dozens or even hundreds of trouts rising at the surface, eating insects. We have several accommodation options for you close to the lake.

You can also fish for pike, perch or zander close to Lake Koutus. In fact, adding a day of brown trout fishing to your pike fishing trip, or vice versa, is a popular choice.

Helicopter trips to the Arctic wilderness is another great option, if you want to have a fishing adventure really far from the civilisation. In these spots, the brown trouts are 100% wild, feed mostly on insects, and fight hard as hell – offering amazing moments for a fly fishing enthusiasts. Midnight Sun Fishing Adventures organises these trips in cooperation with several other guide companies.

We don’t have fixed prices or packages for the brown trout fishing trips, since every package is tailored to the customers needs.

  • Brown trout fishing on a secluded and exclusive lake in Lapland, from boat or shore. Lots of +60-70cm trouts are caught every year.
  • Fly fishing for brown trout in Lapland wilderness, with our cooperation partners.
  • Locations in Western Lapland (not far from Rovaniemi) and Northern Lapland. Also on the Swedish and Norwegian side of the border.
  • Fishing in remote and naturally beautiful spots only. Fishing under the midnight sun also possible.
  • Perfect choice for a fly fishing enthusiast
  • Summer and Autumn are good seasons

Guided brown trout fishing techniques

We offer several trout fishing techniques. The choice depends on the location, your preferences and the season.


Fly fishing is the most finesse fishing technique for brown trout, and definitely one of the favorite methods of the guide writing this. 😉 Nothing beats the moment when a big trout takes your dry fly from the surface. Most common method in rivers, but works fine in our lake spots as well.


Spin fishing is an easy and often effective way to catch brown trouts – especially when fishing from shore on a lake where you want to locate the fish as fast as possible. Trolling is the most effective technique for finding pelagic brown trouts from larger and deeper areas.