fishing in lapland

Lapland – mythical, wild and arctic. It is full of world class fishing opportunities for pike, perch and salmon. Midnight Sun Fishing Adventures is the first company in Lapland to offer spin fishing with modern techniques, gear and boat.

Why Lapland?


In northern Finland, sun never sets from the end of May until end of July. In the midnight, sun reaches its lowest point just above the horizon, creating a midnight moment with magical lighting. The “white summer nights” awaken inexplicable feelings of peace, that can only be understood through first hand experience.


With sparse human population and small fishing pressure on pike, perch and zander, the fish populations are doing well.  In the best places +120cm pikes and +2kg perches are caught every year. To have a chance you need to be at the right place at the right time – we will help you out with that.


In Lapland the Finnish culture lives together with the culture of the indigenous Sami people. Enjoy the traditional Finnish sauna after a long fishing day, lodge in a picturesque log cabin, and eat traditional Lapland foods, such as sautéed reindeer.


With sparse population and innumerable waters to fish, Lapland is teeming with fishing opportunities. There are more good waters than a fisherman can visit in a lifetime.
Wilderness areas in Lapland are vast, with rolling fells in the horizons and forests teeming with reindeers and other northern animals.

How, When and Where

We want to make coming to Lapland easy for you. To arrange your fishing adventure in Lapland, just contact us. Based on our discussion we will tailor a trip itinerary that best suits your needs. We can either book you a guided fishing day(s), or tailor a full package, including accommodations and other services you need.


Arranging your trip


Fishing seasons in Lapland

The short but beautiful arctic summer is a great time to visit Lapland. The fishing usually starts properly in mid June, sometimes 2-3 weeks earlier, depending when the ice melts. The season continues until October, when the lakes freeze again.
In Lapland, pike, perch and zander typically spawn in mid June, which also is a good time to start the season, as the the post-spawn fish are hungry and feeding. This is also a very good time to find big pikes in shallow waters. Also June is the time for the first big salmon run, and is when the biggest salmons of the year are usually caught.
July and August are good fishing time for all species, for zander and perch the best time during all year. In August there is also the second big run of salmons in the rivers.

In September the waters are getting cold and nature turns into beautiful fall colors. The bait fish and big pikes start to concentrate in deeper araes of the lakes and rivers. This starts a great season for pike fishing, with often some of the best days of the whole year. Meanwhile the salmon fishing season ends but the perch and zander seasons continue. Good fishing continues until the lakes freeze in mid October. 

Our company operates in most parts of Lapland. However, most of our fishing locations are situated in the Southern Lapland (Rovaniemi area), and Western Lapland (Pello area). When you book a fishing adventure to Lapland, we shall discuss about your preferred fishing style and species. Based on that information, we can choose together the optimal location to maximize your chances for good fishing. Coming to Lapland is easy – Rovaniemi is a great starting point for most fishing adventures in Lapland. You can easily reach Rovaniemi with an aeroplane, or a train from Helsinki. Let us know if you need help with the trasportation arrangements.


How to arrive

lapland fishing packages

Guided fishing day

  • 7 hours on the water, including a meal break
  • 850€ / day (whole group, up to 3 guests)
  •  All necessary fishing gear and safety equipment included
  • Hot meal, coffee, dessert, and drinks included (ask us for options)
  • Waterproof, warm clothing when necessary.
  • Location and starting point will be agreed separately, based on your needs.

3-Day fishing adventure

  • Three 7 hour fishing days, including the same things as a single day.
  • Prices start from 2400€ (whole group, up to 3 guests)
  • Several locations, species and techniques can be included – tell us what you prefer.
  • We help you with planning your trip.
  • Accommodations and transportations can be arranged when necessary, depending on the location of trip. Ask us more.

Tailored fishing adventure

  • A fishing adventure tailored according to your tastes and needs. 
  • Several locations, species and techniques can be included – tell us what you prefer.
  • Accommodations and transportations can be arranged when necessary, depending on the location of trip. Ask us more.
  • We help you with planning your trip.

Species you can fish in Lapland